Lineage 2 Doubles Servers, Quadruples Revenue posted some ridiculously impressive numbers about Lineage 2 since NCSoft made the switch to free-to-play back in November of last year.

250,000+ new players for a game that’s almost 8 years old is not too shabby. There’s no doubt making the switch to F2P is rejuvenating many older MMORPGs and even some newer ones that stumbled out of the gate. There’s really too many to name at this point, but the last one’s were DC Universe Online and Age of Conan who were ¬†flaunting their skyrocketing numbers back in November, when they too made the switch to free-to-play.

Check out the stats below.

  • NCSoft has almost quadrupled its revenue in two months
  • The concurrent player base has increased more than 800%
  • The number of servers more than doubled to accommodate the influx of new players.
  • More than a quarter of a million players have enjoyed the “Path to Awakening” service, which provides helpful buffs, items and advice to accelerate new characters towards the level cap.
  • A surge of activity in forums, as well as Facebook, where “Like”s soared to more than 280,000 thanks to an active and still growing community

I’m sure next month I’ll be reporting on how Everquest II has increased their player-base by 10 fold since switching a few days ago.

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