Long Time No See: Pixie is Back and Ready for Action

Well hello there, old friend. And new friends. Remember me?! It’s been awhile.

A quick recap and introduction for all our new readers: I was one of the original Lore Hound crew when we started up back in early 2010. And even before when a few of us bloggers came together through the now infamous Project Lore.

I’ve been a long-time WoW player, meddling in other games now and again, though my world was turned upside down a couple years ago when I moved from the US to Germany. My adventures abroad resulted in a big lack of time for my previous gaming shenanigans, and for a while I stayed away from the Lore Hound community.

But no more.

I’m now back stateside and ready to venture into Pandaria. I’ve got a couple of months of gameplay and a whole new patch to delve into I’ve got quests to complete, armor to hoard, gold to make, the new pet battle system to master, and of course tons of new pets and mounts to collect.

Lots and lots of fun stuff to do, and I’m looking forward to documenting the journey here on Lore Hound. I hope you’ll join in on the fun! See you again soon.


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