Lore Hound Video Review: The Ball

Ball. The Ball. The Ball. The Ball! No matter how you say it, “The Ball” is still kind of a silly name. But the more I roll it over my tongue and turn it around in my brain, the less I can think of anything else to call it. “The Orb” or “The Sphere” work no better, and wordy titles like “The Globoid of Questionable Purpose” seems to belie the simplicity at the heart of the matter. If Teotl Studios were inclined more towards silliness, I do think “Ancient Mexican Pinball Death Trap” would make a fitting title, but alas.

However, as the URL for the official website points out, this isn’t just a name, it’s also a game. The prototype of which won an awful lot of awards during the Make Something Unreal contest, including taking 2nd place in the grand finals. Not bad for a little mod that evokes the spatial puzzle solving of a game like Portal (albeit with a completely different mechanic and atmosphere).

But what of the final product? Is it worth the price of entry? The Ball — created by the aforementioned indie dev Teotl Studios and published by Killing Floor vets, Tripwire Interactive — hits Steam this Tuesday, so there’s really no better time to find out than right now, with Lore Hound’s official video review!


  1. good job on the vid dude.great review, wasnt boring to watch or listen. the game actually looks quite enjoyable. say you should do a review of another game from steam. “Audio Surf”. i love it, but i dont have the video making programs or abilities to make a proper review. but i trust yall would do it justice.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Vayder. Audio Surf is a fun game, but it’s a bit older at this point. We were kindly sent a beta code for The Ball to play and review it ahead of its release and we’d like to remain timely if it all possible.

    That said, you should probably expect more video review in the future!

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