Lore Hound WoWcast: Episode 11: BONE STORRRM (Fixed)



Join Heartbourne, pixiestixy, and Amatera as they discuss Blizzard’s revelations from the past week about some design changes they are making in Cataclysm. Topics include:

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  1. Awww…download link broken :( hope it’ll be fixed before tomorrow I have some road to do and wanted to listen to the podcast in my car ;)

  2. The Wintergrasp changes were planned for as early as 3.3.9 I believe. If not, it will be there in 4.0.

    Perhaps we will see a separate browser software like Yahoo! Messenger, or MSN?
    With the 25% buff, I welcome it. I’ve had difficulty downing anything past Fester in a PuG in both 10 and 25 mode. I just hope it really doesn’t go past 30% because past that, it’ll be less epic feeling.

    Thought just occurred — what if they add in a new option, that you can downscale the buff by 5% intervals (back to 25%, 20%, 15%, etc.)?
    If you have any love for writing, and are creative (to an extent in this case) 2,500 minimum feels like nothing and 7,500 feels like a limitation that hurts you. My first chapter in my book I’m currently writing is about 3,000 words. (If anyone wants a free copy of the prologue, send me an email at 2nd.Lt.harris@gmail.com)
    Yes, Chris Metzen is The Lore Master.

    Your example, Pixie, of J.K. Rowling was awesome. Yes, as a fantasy writers, we do that. I have papers here and there writing and setting up these different things. For my book, I have a Lore Tome that has brief history recounts and descriptions of locations in my book, along with landmarks, and characters.

    From Mike’s perspective, and mine included, it’s like this: If you’re the only game out there, it becomes stale. You have nothing to try and make more fun, compared to another game. The reason why he is confident to stay afloat with SW:TOR and FF:XIX (right?) is that they’ve stood against time and other games such as Tabula Risa, and countless other MMOs that started just two years, and collapsed in as little as 6 months.

    Of all the things getting yanked, I’m most sad of Heroic VC and SFK because of how much fun in there I’ve always had on new alts. SFK would be a fun 5man that could be quick / long but fun, for 85, if it was just all scaled up numbers. I could really care less on Path of Titans, because from the preview, it really sounded confusing and made me apprehensive.

    In relation to the Dance Studio; I’ve never heard of this feature being implemented until as of recent. I don’t know, it definitely sounds interesting, and could be a lot of fun, but it’s not a major game changer in my opinion. Though, as Amatera said: If they included all those ideas, I would be all for development of that versus a new pair of raids (because in Cataclysm, Blizzard said they will be doing more of the BC way of two mid-length raids such as SSC + whatever the other one was [Kara?]).

    Anyway, love the podcast. Wish I had more time these next few weeks to call in again, perhaps after vacationing? :)

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