Lore Life Lesson #1 – Have A Plan.

As some of you may know, I had a series of life lessons on another site. In that series, I wrote very non-linearly, posting lesson 3, then 7, then 18, and so on. My hope was to complete all of them in time to have a complete set of 33 for everyone to view. Why 33 and not 42? Because I like 33. And it’s one less than (rule) 34.

Anyway, I had the intention of doing that. But as with some plans, life conspires for greater adventures, and some things may be left aside to forge ahead to greater glory (or gainful employment in some cases).

Thus, let’s take a look at the first Lore Life Lesson, which in no way indicates its relative importance to the other Lore Life Lessons to come, as they are all equal. It’s just as a starting point, so some readers can take notes (I’m talking to all you left-brainers out there).

Lore Life Lesson Number One – Have A Plan.

Yes — have a plan. And then another plan. And maybe another plan after that. But first and foremost, have a plan and stick to it with all that you have.

You can’t raid ICC or push back a Zerg if you’re rolling another Elezen. You’ve seen this in your MMO of choice, I’m sure. Some people want to do this, others want to do that, one is getting chicken, and all of you are in the same instance. Split focus creates fractured results. Just ask this guy (rated PG-13).

So whether it’s life or your favorite MMO, have a plan, stick to it, and if it fails or a better plan presents itself, adapt and overcome. Most of the time, you’ll find that a good plan is worth its weight in (virtual MMO) gold.┬áSo come on people… say it with me:

I love it when a plan comes together.



  1. HA! I see what you did there with that last quote…

    In WoW, your in-game calendar is an excellent place to put real life events or in-game events. Events can be substituted as ‘goals’. It reminds you what it was you were after.

    That reminds me… I need to set a goal to get EK or Kalimdor done by the end of next week if I want to beat Pixie. ;)

  2. Gonna have to stick with PG-13 here.

    While there are many expletives, they are not used specifically in a sexual context, and while there are brief depictions of sexual intimacy, it is not realistic nor extreme.

    Regardless if either of these issues might be considered excessive for a theatrical release, YouTube.com does not require age verification to view the clip. This suggests that YouTube.com has determined that the content of the clip to be PG-13 in nature as a clip that requireds age verification implies that the content to be viewed is for mature audiences only, roughly the equivalent of an R rating.

    On top of that, I work in Los Angeles, California, home of the MPAA and I can assure you that while the rules for film ratings seem fixed, they are subjective and as malleable as chewing gum given the right circumstances or influences.

    btw – This isn’t directed specifically at you Barugaara. I wanted people to understand that the referenced clip is considered PG-13 by some but might not be suitable for children.

    Thanks for the comment.


  3. I thought I heard that there was a limit on extreme profanity that would change a PG-13 label to R.

    Also, my last comment came out more vague than I meant it to be. I meant it in a jokingly at the excessive uses of certain words.

  4. No problem. I took it as a joke but also wanted to clarify for some who may not have gotten it.

    Yes, in some instances the amount of profanity can push a rating from PG-13 to R or even R to X, but it is all contextual.

    A little old lady character saying “#@$%!” every time she appears on screen could be considered funny and mild enough for a PG-13 rating while a serial killer character saying “#@$%!” while performing some additional action that ‘compliments’ their character could easily be a R rating even if the expletive is only heard once in the entire feature. Like I said, contextual and very malleable.

    Either way, I still think the clip is hilarious no matter what the rating is especially if you’ve ever been in a hardcore raiding guild. It reminds me of so many different times that some people wouldn’t stick to the raid ‘plan’ always ending up in a wipe or, on rare occasions, a guild boot.

    Of course we all know that raiding is serious business. (/SaintGermain refrains from LOLing)

    Thanks again for the comment


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