Runes of Magic: Raising Level Cap to 60 and New Zone

Runes of Magic is expanding. Adventurers will soon be able to reach level 60, and a new zone, the dark depths of the Northern Janost Forest, will open.  We don’t want to spoil anything – but its evil.

Half-demon, half-dragons are the enemy that will get in your way in the new area. “Adventurers must also help uncover the mystery of the dragon half-breeds in the ancient conflict between two sworn enemies – the Elves of Jyr’na and the Beastmen of Angren. On one side stand the Degenerated Elves, long since corrupted by a dark energy they had hoped to subdue. On the other side stand the Angren who are fighting for the survival of their people as the Elves are sucking the life power from their homeland – the Northern Janost Forest.”

Over 100 new quests await! Although no specific date is set, the Runes of Magic team are hoping to release these new features in the upcoming weeks.

For more information on the Runes of Magic update, head over to the official website.