Lore’d of the (Hearth)Stone: Archmage Khadgar “Man O’ Mystery”


THERE YA ARE! BACK FROM YOUR ADVENTURES? The hearth is lit and you have a deck of virtual cards at your disposal, but who is that wonderful hero who holds your fate? Are you a Penniless Paladin, a Worth Opponent or a Mediocre Monk? I know I am! Come join us as we investigate the beginnings, and ends, of Warcraft’s finest in Lore’d of the (Hearth)Stone

WARNING! the following contains lore from the Warcraft universe. Much can be considered spoilers for the upcoming Warcraft film as the post contains information on characters in the movie. Also, another disclaimer should be addressed that some of the following is not considered canon by Blizzard, but never got officially uncanonized. Yes, I’m looking at you, little half draenei… half orc…somewhat human…THING. Not all of us can be special, Med’an. Grow up, dude. You’re not as cool as you think.

Busy night, but there’s always room for another! So yee be back for another round? Well, pull up a chair as I pour ya a pint. Have I told ya of the man who aged in the blink of an eye? Who’s mystery shrouds him ever since his disappearance all those years ago, when he and those brave enough to leave their families behind, shut the Dark Portal to keep the orc-lead Horde from growing in number ever more, the legend who still carries the name “Son of Lothar”, in honor of a brave friend taken before his time? *breath* His name is Khadgar, Archmage of the Kirin Tor, and the final apprentice of Medivh. It is even said that he himself wields the great staff of Atiesh. Yes, the very same staff that struck down the Avatar of the Fallen Titan Sargeras himself.

Khadgar as he stands in Shattrath in World of Warcraft.

Back before the opening of the portal to Azeroth from Draenor, Khadgar was in the apprenticeship to the Guardian of Tirisfal. A mage by the name Medivh, and worked for him in his tower at Karazahn. There he would be his official servant to the tower’s library until the day would come that he would earn his master’s trust enough to be granted apprenticeship to someone of such a mighty power. One day, as Khadgar was performing his duties, Medivh would return home from another lengthy trip to find his soon-to-be apprentice hard at work. Medivh, mistaking his apprentice for a thief, jumped to the attack and nearly set Khadgar aflame until the recognition brought clarity on who he was attacking. Medivh apologized to a frightened Khadgar, telling him he had forgotten he was there since all of the other Kirin Tor apprentices before him did not last in the tower as he did in the same role. It was then that Medivh asked his young, aspiring mage to follow him to the top of the tower, making haste as time was of the essence. Khadgar was hesitant, but followed his master and was then presented with two large gryphons. His apprentice stopped Medivh in his haste to fly, as Khadgar would come to admit that he did not know how to ride a flyer. Without a second thought, Medivh pressed a single thumb to Khadgar’s head and in a flash, Khadgar was given the ability to fly via Medivh’s powerful magical influence. Khadgar followed his master’s lead as they both mounted the feathery beasts and took flight. It was perhaps clear then to Khadgar that Medivh had finally taken him as his apprentice and would soon learn the arcane arts from one of the most powerful men that had ever walked the lands of Azeroth.

Weeks into his study, Khadgar was given a vision in which he saw an epic battle between the fallen titan Sargeras and Aegwynn, the former Guardian of Tirisfal, and mother to Medivh. Suddenly the pieces came together, Khadgar learned that his master and teacher was the Guardian of Tirisfal. Soon after, as Khadgar was accompanying his master on an investigation of the death’s of two members of the Council of Tirisfal, he would become suspicious of Medivh’s motives when he attempted to use his magic to discover what became of the two men. Fel energies suddenly interrupted his link with the arcane, and Medivh would come to explain that the men were trying to summon demons into Azeroth and he was urged to leave it at that.

Khadgar with Lothar.

Khadgar had his doubts. They ballooned when Supreme Commander of the Alliance, Anduin Lothar asked him to spy on his master on the behalf of his people. Shortly after his first encounter with the fel energies, Khadgar met a young orc by the name of Garona Halforcen, who claimed to be half orc and half human. In fact, she’s half orc and half draenei. Garona helped Khadgar piece together information in which uncovered a plot to open a portal between Draenor and Azeroth. Shockingly, Medivh was behind its doomish scheme. It became apparent that it was already too late to stop the portal from opening. The two joined forces and set off to request the aid of King Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar. Now with a battalion behind them, they set off to confront Medivh in the final hours of the portal’s opening.

In the lower depths of Karazahn they found Medivh speaking to the orcish warlock Gul’dan through the means of a psychic link. Khadgar challenged his powerful master, and lost. Thankfully, not his life. Medivh maintained a shred of respect for his apprentice and placed a curse on Khadgar that drained him of his youth, and momentarily, his arcane powers. Down to nothing more but what little physical prowess he had and sheer will power, Khadgar managed to drive a sword into his master’s heart thus revealing the demon that lurked inside. Sargeras emerged from within Medivh and would have greatly threatened the world if Lothar had not jumped in to finish the job, decapitating Medivh and banishing the Dark Titan back to the Twisting Nether. At the cost of humanity’s most powerful mage.

With his master dead and the call to take a larger role within the  Kirin Tor, Khadgar retreated back to Dalaran to continue his studies to become the great Arch Mage we know today, the savior of Draenor and all of time in which may or may not be cannon. He would return later at the height of the Second War…but that tale must lie in waiting, for there are cards to be played!

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