Does Anyone Care About the Warcraft Movie Tie-ins?

lh_warcraft_promo_bonds_of_brotherhood_graphic_novel_filmYou’re probably well aware that Warcraft, a film some ten years in the making, is finally hitting theaters in the United States on Friday. If not, I’m thoroughly impressed with your dedication to not consuming any media that has a shred of advertising. The marketing machine around greenskins versus pink skins (why is greenskins a word?) is as powerful as another well-funded greenskin, Shrek. I’m waiting for my Best Buy parking space to be bankrolled by Blizzard. And yet, the multitude of media tie-ins to the franchise, seemingly unmentioned.

Recently, we pointed out that Blizzard has not one, not a pair, but three media tie ins to Warcraft. Add in the recently-panned Illidan novel from mid April to make it a foursome. That’s a torrent of content to backup the movie. We’re talking an official novelization of the movie, a prequel to both the book and movie and a sidestory presented in a graphic novel. Yet there’s little to no promotion even in the target demographic that you and I lie in. What gives?

Has the machine run out of gas? Were none of these of a high enough quality to support past publishing? Is it simply relative, that Warcraft has so much the others only appear to have been left to obscurity? Have early reviews satiated the beast? Between Overwatch and Warcraft maybe the collective head of Blizzard’s team’s is spinning?

This all begs the question posited up front, do you care about the Warcraft movie tie-ins in any capacity? I for one plan on digesting the latter two, so stay tuned for our reviews.

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