Lore’d of the (Hearth)stone: Rexxar for Warchief 2016!

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THERE YA ARE! BACK FROM YOUR ADVENTURES? The hearth is lit and you have a deck of virtual cards at your disposal, but who is that wonderful hero who holds your fate? Are you a Penniless Paladin, a Worthy Opponent or a Mediocre Monk? I know I am! Come join us as we investigate the beginnings, and ends, of Warcraft’s finest in Lore’d of the (Hearth)Stone.

The Mok’nathal are a race of prideful hunters, mixed dangerously with the blood of two very volatile peoples. They possess the strength of an ogre, and the cunning of the orc.  Rexxar is one such Mok’Nathal. Believed to be the last of his kind, Rexxar came upon the Horde in Kalimdor while living a life of solitude. A fateful encounter led him on his path to future glory. An orc grunt by the name of Mogrin came under siege by the local razorback quilboar, and Rexxar leaped into the fray to lend a hand. Although he fought valiantly, Rexxar was unable to stop Mogrin from being sliced open at the hands of a nasty quillboar hunters. After Rexxar shunted the two attackers responsible for felling Mogrin, the rest would flee leaving Rexxar to Mogrin, and the grunt’s final request.

These were Rexxar’s first step to becoming the “Champion of the Horde”. The very first TRUE champion of the Horde, in fact, and it would not be his one hit wonder. Okay, well it won’t be. Let’s face it, Rexxar has been put on the back burner and is used for very minor parts when the Horde needs him most, like to slay a frost wyrm here or there that’s attacking Orgrimmar, or to stop raging elements in the same exact place in Orgrimmar during the so-called sundering in which his roll was very similar, if not identical, to that of the previous event! Or even that one time that future Rexxar, I mean Past Rexxar, I mean alternate reality, but wait, wasn’t that our time-line Rexxar?


Let’s just face it, Rexxar is Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. He only shows up to appease fans, then they store him in some backwater station until the fans get blood thirsty again.

Aside from being Blizzard/Activision’s lore whore, Rexxar, the cunning Beastmaster, is truly one of the Horde’s greatest heroes. In fact, this orc-ogre hybrid of a man has not only achieved a plethora of badges and titles, but he is also the key for the World of Warcraft’s existence. Let’s dive back in time for a history lesson. Yes, I know it isn’t quite lore, and yes, I’m going to be breaking a lot of walls with this article and not be doing my ever famous Dwarf RP of “yees” and “nees”, but let’s stick with this because Rexxar deserves mention of Blizzard’s most famous Grand Design.

When Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne was released, fans of the series were eager to start the bonus Orc Campaign that would take place behind the scenes from the Frozen Throne’s main story line. It followed Rexxar’s origin, his upcoming rise to glory within the Horde in a very RPG style. It was almost as if they stuck Diablo’s style in a Warcraft skin. Fans were immediate to take a liking to this. After weeks of messing around with the main game, fans would then see the first glimpses of the World of Warcraft, in a hidden trailer embedded on the disc. The exact date on when it was found is a mystery to me, but from mechanics and the design of the campaign, it is clear to me that Blizzard’s idea for World of Warcraft was spawned from the Founding of Durotar campaign [Ed. Note: There’s much discussion around this point].

It begins with a vow. Rexxar vowed to honor the fallen grunt’s final request and delivered the report that he carried to his Warchief. He was followed closely by his companion of the wild, the great grizzly named Misha. The Warchief Thrall thanked Rexxar for carrying the burden of a fallen soldier and asked if Rexxar would stay in the confines of their new home of Durotar, and the growing city that was being built around them known as Orgrimmar. Rexxar obliged Thrall, but begged to earn his keep asking to aid the Horde in any way he could. He was given right to complete tasks for Thrall’s most trusted advisers and was granted the aid of one of the Darkspear’s deadliest Shadow Hunters, a troll by the name of Rokhan.

Their meeting was almost like a “Behind the Music” biography. I often refer to them as “The Band” because of this. Along the way, they continue to gather the support of not only a great blade and brew masters, but also that of the tauren’s own Chieftain Cairne. Their slaughter was sweet but short, and they would see many battles that brought much honor to themselves and the Horde. Almost as soon as it starts it does sadly end in a splitting of paths to which, in fact, The Band never reunites. They would see one final show that would rock even the great Admiral Proudmoore for his backstabbing human ways. Rexxar’s story is such an epic that I have decided to grace you with a three part telling of his life. So without further delay I give you the story of Rexxar, a “Behind the Music” presentation. Please don’t sue me VH1!

Act 1

As their travels began, first thwarting the Harpy Queen Bloodfeather and collecting reagents for a blind old Farseer named Drek’thar, the band would cross paths with a strange furred sentient bear named Chen Stormstout, who claimed he hailed from the land of Pandaria. Though the two were hesitant in believing Chen’s story, they agreed to help the Brewmaster find ingredients for his new concoction. After they rounded up the egg of a Thunder Phoenix, a Keg of Thunder Ale, and finding an impossible plant known as a Thunder Bulb, they returned to Chen who then shared with him quite possibly the most awful beer in existence. Chen in return shared his great wisdom and offered his services to the growing party who would unofficially become the Sons of Durotar.

The three would become the greatest of allies, stopping the threats of a growing quillboar problem and thwarting even their satyr allies. They would also clear out the tunnels beneath the city of Kobold, which is what led the Durotar kobold to their extinction. (Here’s a lesser known fact that I totally made up, that’s what the candles are for. The other Kobold tribes have candles on their heads for the fallen comrades. Taking them would be an insult so please, no take candle.) As they made the life of the orcs easier in the building of their great city, a new threat would arise from Thrall’s human allies that lived nearby.

Act 2

Jaina Proudmore was leading a band of refugees from the Eastern Kingdoms who would settle in Duskwallow Marsh, building what we once knew as Theramore. A great orc raider by the name of Naz’grel, who we know now as the commander who lead the Horde forces back into Outland, served as the Horde’s head of security. He, well known to his Warchief, did not trust the humans as far as he once could cleave them. He gave the order to Rexxar and his band to check up on a post not far from the coastline. There they were to find one of his officers whose job was the constantly watch the perimeter for any hostiles that may invade them, pact or no pact.

Once they arrived, the orc pointed them in the direction of a goblin observatory that pointed toward the coast. Rexxar peered through the spectacle and was shocked to find that the humans were plotting an invasion force. A force that hailed under the green banner of Kul Tiras, where Jaina Proudmoore’s father was the grand admiral. Cursing himself for not being able to take the invaders on all by himself, Rexxar and his band would return to Thrall with the news most dire, and would await further orders on what was to be done with their uninvited guests.

Before their rendezvous, the three sought Drek’thar who was studying the matter of the thunderlizards sudden crazed behavior. As they wandered further into Thunder Ridge, they discovered the green hailed humans had been harvesting lumber within. The humans guarding the mill fled at the sight of Rexxar’s party, leaving Rexxar without any answers as to why they dared break a pact of peace. Fearful of the Horde not fulfilling their side of the pact, Drek’thar advised Rexxar not to raze the now-abandoned mill to the ground. Their only remaining option would be to put the raging thunderlizards out of their misery.

Act 3

Being forced to destroy the beasts of the land corrupted by human hands was one of the most devastating tasks Rexxar had ever endured in his time with the Horde. Task fulfilled, Drek’thar gave blessing to the party and sent them back to Orgrimmar to report to Thrall. The Warchief was ever more confused upon their return that he asked Rexxar and his group for answers. Aware they had none, he ordered his most trusted head of security, Naz’grel, to accompany Rexxar back to the outpost in which they first discovered the humans. As they approached, they saw smoke rising from the plateau that the outpost laid on. The ominous sign led to a startling discovery. The humans garbed in green had attacked and razed the town to ashes mere moments after Rexxar and his group returned to Orgrimmar. Naz’grel, now enraged at the sight of his fallen kin, sought out the humans for blood, holding them responsible for the death his people had endured. The waters of the coast quickly turned from green to red as the human raiding party was wiped from existence. As the final human fell, the group turned their attention toward the sea.

In fear for his people’s safety, Rokhan urged they move outward to the Echo Isles. With Thrall’s acceptance, Rexxar and his party left Naz’grel behind and set out on a zeppelin to the isles where the leader of the Darkspear, Vol’jin, would welcome them. Rokhan’s feelings did not betray him, for as soon as they landed upon the isle the human fleet of invaders set fire to the troll villages. Rexxar and his band sunk the destroyer ships that bombarded the village, and evacuated the Darkspear to the mainland with the help with some voodoo magic.

Rexxar’s story is a personal favorite of mine. He is the true “Champion of the Horde”. The only one that Thrall himself has bestowed such an honor upon. His story is such a great part within the Warcraft universe, so it must be left for another day to continue.


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