The 3 Enormous Benefits of Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go will change how we see the gaming world. It already has for those who are playing. Now your world is inhabited with cute, cuddly and ferocious creatures that you can catch, train and yes, battle against each other legally. This, however, will not be the only way Pokemon Go will change how we see the world. We will discuss how Pokemon Go will improve your health and make you some new friends.


People are suddenly getting outside when they would otherwise be trapped staring at a computer screen, much as I am now. This simple act of spending time outside and getting exercise will do two very important things for your body. You will now gain more exposure to the sun, increasing the vitamin D in your body. This will increase your immune system’s functionality, increase your bone strength and reduce inflammation. This will make you healthier, less stressed and less sore. Although you will be feeling increased muscle soreness from the workout your legs will be getting. This coupled with increased exercise boosting endorphins, which make you feel good, and increased muscle mass, which will eat calories making you leaner, will help make a generation become healthier and happier.  

TMBPG Health
Lore Hounds’ Wedge Antilles interviewing some Pokebuffs at PAX East 2016


Now that we are getting some more air and sunshine, we are also becoming more social. People flocking to Pokemon Go are encountering something fun. Face-to-face encounters with people who share a similar passion. Often that they would have never met otherwise. Yes, there will always be trolls out there looking to make their mark and dampen your day. Yet the vast majority just want to go out there catch some Pokemon, battle to control a gym and generally have some fun doing so. You are going to meet new people, ones hopefully not setting a lure to mug you, and you are going to have a good time battling them, laughing over your triumphs and follies; a failed toss, the right move at the right time; capturing their gym only to have them capture it back. This game is going to bring a community together that has been striving to come together on many fronts. Look to the success of the gaming community at PAX, when we are able to meet each other in person we can take away the venom that can fill our online community. Call me an optimist. 

Work Pokemon Go fun
Impromptu Pokemon Go lunch break in the park with Lore Hound’s Dark Morrigan and new work friends

The Movement

I see a movement happening across the globe. One that will see a vast change in how people will be. Yes, others will call you silly for what catching some imaginary creatures on your phone, and yes, those same people have forgot what it was like to be a child and have some fun. Yet with Pokemon Go already exceeding 20 million active users in the United States alone, I can see nothing but a movement beginning. One that you are a part of, a movement based on fun, health and competition. 

Niantic developers must be aware of this movement and they must capitalize. They will be doing so for mainly financial reasons, as I am sure Pokemon Go will be making them, Nintendo and the Pokemon Company boundless amounts of cash. Nintendo’s stock has already had an increase of 90%. Do not believe the naysayers, pointing to the too fast rise of Pokemon Go, wait for what will come next. Which we will discuss in our next article, The Next Evolution of Gaming.

So get out there, be the very best, like no one ever was. Most of all get out there and have a blast.