LoreHound: 2011 By The Numbers

We gamers love our numbers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a min-maxer or a casual gamer. We like them to pop up often. Large digits are the most delectable type. Primarily floating over our heads in a particularly interesting shade of yellow. This flowing rainbow of yellow tends to be a good omen. One relating to future success in battle, be it PvP or PvE.

Red numbers, well, they’ll generally not so hot.

We here at LoreHound.com can’t paint your screen with such euphoric futuresight, but we can still attempt to satiate your number-based appetit. Below aren’t numbers showcasing your expert min-maxing skills or rewards for countless hours grinding dedication. Instead, they are numbers that you, the gaming community that enjoys the content here at LoreHound.com, have directly or indirectly contributed to. Be it subscribing to our YouTube channel, following us on Twitter, liking us on Facebook or simply reading and viewing the content, these numbers and facts are a reflection of the site in a year gone by.

  • Nearly a fifth of the visitors are returning community members.
  • Not surprisingly, Google is the number one referring domain, followed by WoWWiki and N4G.
  • Firefox and Chrome combine for more than 70% of the browsers used.
  • LoreHound.com is a worldwide community, with the United States maintaining less than 46% of the visitors.
  • Nearly 55% of the non-returning members come to LoreHound by way of search engines.
  • StarCraft dominates the top 25 search terms.
  • 72% of the YouTube viewers watch from YouTube directly.
  • 11% enjoy LoreHound’s video content from a mobile device.
  • Video footage totaled over five terabytes…
  • whittled down to ~80 videos.
  • Social Networking subscribers increased by more than 300%.
  • LoreHound missed its thousandth post by less than 40 posts.
  • Nearly a dozen writers created just shy of 300 articles.
  • The brains punched out .80 articles per day.
  • The average article consisted of 325 words. Extrapolated, that’s 95,000 words.

And it was all for you, the community. Thanks for coming to the site, keeping us honest and sharing your thoughts. We look forward to topping these numbers in 2012 with your help!

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