LoreHound.com’s Haiku Contest

Ahh, the haiku.  This classic poetic structure allows almost anyone to amuse and entertain.  It enables the writer to be short and sweet, while still getting their point across.  It is also quite possibly the easiest idea to teach; three lines comprised of a maximum 17 syllables.  That’s all we expect from you, Lore Hounds.

Three measly lines of creativity.

Your entry (feel free to do more than one) can cover a wide range of topics.  Fair game includes what you expect from us, gaffes made in the recent video coverage, games we enjoy and play (WoW, STO, GA, DDO, etc), your feelings towards the site layout or even a rant on how stupid this contest is (ex. Best. Idea. Ever).

You can submit your haiku to our Twitter, or leave a comment on this very post.  Be sure to leave a legitimate e-mail address in case you win!

We’ll be selecting whichever haiku entertains us the most come next Monday,  April 5.  Here’s what you can win:

1st Place: Lord of the Rings Online Collector’s Edition

2nd Place: Sandbox Tiger loot card

3rd Place: Slashdance loot card


  1. Meh Poetry was never my thing but w/e I want that Sandbox tiger. o.o

    Silvermoon City
    Great home of the Sin’dorai
    Now bears scars of war.

    Ultimately none of these haikus are technically set up right from the ‘rules’ I read up on them but I doubt anyone really cares. :P

  2. @Dan
    It wouldn’t be accurate unless we actually wrote in Japanese. There are so many variations of haiku rules when translated to English. The common factor is that they generally do not exceed 17 syllables. The most common form being 5-7-5.

  3. The ground is trembling
    Cataclysm approaches, yet I’m still in Undercity
    Admiring at the roaches.

    The best thing I could come up with at 4am ^_^

  4. Project Lore down, the bubble has burst
    The new venture LoreHound, however
    Deserves world first

  5. The new bloggers homes are on LoreHound
    You all get a junior suite
    We don’t cover incidentals! So keep your ass out the de-file

  6. Project Lore! Is totally cancelled.
    ProTip! Is totally cancelled.
    And all other blogs are pennnnnnnding.

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