PAX East 2010: Fallen Earth Patch V1.4 Preview

My sit down with Dave Haydysch did not begin with complaints regarding cell reception or gazing at the screen of a GM.  No, we had a far simpler first conversation.  It turns out that the company is not only working on the most amazing mobile application for a video game ever, but also another immense patch for Fallen Earth.  Patch v1.4 has two main components to it, the addition of PvP by way of Blood Sports and the new PvE lands of Deadfall Point.

Players have been asking for PvP since time began and v1.4 is going to deliver a fleshed out experience thanks to the bankers of Fallen Earth.  The entrepreneurial-minded folks have devised four different ways for players to tear each other apart, all in the name of making a buck.  Players simply copy their DNA into the banker database – free of charge – and then they can participate in any of the four PvP modes thanks to clones.

Deathmatch and team Capture the Flag subscribe to the standard FPS game modes.  Survival is every-man-for-themselves as the soul goal is to not die.  Therefore killing isn’t rewarded, other than it means you did not die.  Assault is the most unique game type to Fallen Earth.  It pits teams against each other.  One is forced to run a gauntlet of monsters as the other teams tries to stop them.  Every mode caps out at 16 players, either in 8v8 teams or solo.  All of this is available without leaving your current line of progression, thanks to a handy queue from anywhere system.

Rewards include monetary gains, as well as marks to purchase additional PvP-centric gear.

Players that would rather see the fruits of their labor, and not that of greedy businessmen and women, should head out to Deadfall Point.  In this not-so-desolate area, players will be greeted with six new instances and 130 new missions.  Many of which are tied to the new faction, Sheva’s Favored and spread across a land the size of half a sector. You’ll want to be sure to complete them though, because v1.4 will also be raising the level cap from level 46 to level 50.  New crafting recipes, weapons armor and two new mounts (one of which can be seen in our random chat video) round out the offering of new content.

Last, but not least, is a technology upgrade to the tools the developer uses to make those gorgeous landscapes.  Dave showed off the ability for level designers to actually work with the terrain, instead of getting something to look like terrain.  Gone will be hard or jagged edges pulled and stretched across the ground under out feet.  The structures will appear more rounded, weathered, and natural.  Following the precedent set by the earlier graphical update, the sculpting ability will make every bit of landscape in the game prettier, not just the new stuff.

Patch V1.4 is set for release in the same time frame as the amazing mobile application, Q2 2010.  It is certainly shaping up to be a patch that has a little something for everyone.


  1. I am playing FE now, using the trial, and it is no WoW lol..which some will enjoy.

    If you like crafting and all that goes with it , it is all that, the community seems helpful.

  2. Without a doubt the most helpful and friendly community I’ve been a part of. I also started off using the trial, I think it’s been very successful for the game.

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