LoreHound Crier: 1-19-13 to 1-25-13 At A Glance

It seems like it’s been a slow week, although I’ve been re-infected with the nasty flu plague that’s going around so that could possibly just be a reflection on how I’m feeling. Being sick isn’t such a bad thing when I can kick back and rest up by playing hours and hours of video games, but it is the complete pits when I’m so sick – as I am now – that I lack the energy to even play much of anything for long.  Those of you who may have been wondering how it was that I, the masochistic Pherephassa who can never find a deadly enough game to be satisfied, was playing that cutesy hearts and rainbows fairy tale game yesterday now have your answer. There is a time and place for everything, and I am a girl so am tempted by such things now and again when I’m under the weather. Of course, it was made all worth it when my strawberry shortcake character opened her mouth during the cutscenes and revealed language fit to satisfy a harping fishwife. I think I will be laughing at that for a while.

I think the biggest news of the week was the opening of signups for closed beta of The Elder Scrolls Online, although SMITE‘s $100k launch tournament shouldn’t be forgotten. A shot at $100k or signing up for a beta… I do think I know which one I would choose if I could only go with one, so let me rephrase that – the biggest news of the week is the announcement of a $100k competition to celebrate the launch of SMITE.  And in case anyone has missed it, we’re giving away a bunch of keys for a weapon pack in Absolute Force Online. To get one, you can click the link to the right, and I’ll also provide the link right here so you can go directly there.

Hit the jump for the week’s happening, all right in one easy place.

And that does it for this week! I’m off to get some sleep, I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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