LoreHound Crier: The Week in a Glance

Another week has come and gone here at LoreHound! It certainly is an exciting time to be a gamer! TERA Online, Torchlight 2, Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and my personal favorite The Secret World; all sorts of long-awaited goodies are on their way. This week we have more interviews, rumors, and beta previews! I wish I could kick this migraine that’s been insisting on running free, so I could be off in gameland.

I have a new icon for these weekly summaries, which I think is terribly cute. Made by Almalexiel at almalexiel.com, I especially love the little two-headed puppy! Thanks, Almalexiel! I’m struggling to finish up before my painkillers wear off, so on with the lineup!

  • PAX Interview with AnnaMarie about The Walking Dead, a boardgame from Cryptozoic.
  • Mike shared his views on pvp, and why he doesn’t think it works in theme park games.
  • PAX Interview with Christina Sims about the latest from Cryptozoic, Penny Arcade: The Game – Rumble in R’lyeh. Nipplecrabs?
  • Mike talked about possible SWTOR server mergers, which probably comes as no great surprise to most. It come as no surprise to me, I had a lot of fun with SWTOR! For about two months.
  • Mike is excited for TERA! I hope it’s everything he’s hoping for!
  • Mike pondered pvp or pve in Guild Wars 2. What’s your take?
  • Pre-orders for Torchlight 2 are open! And you can get Neverwinter beta keys! I’ve never had much interest in Neverwinter, but after watching iTZKooPA’s Neverwtiner interview a few weeks ago, I’ll admit I’m curious to see it! Torchlight 2 + Neverwinter beta? Who can pass that up?
  • It sounds like the plot of some sort of 80s callback movie, but there are rumors that Nexon is preparing a bid for a hostile takeover of EA. I’m not sure what would be created from a merge of those two game companies.
  • RaiderZ Interview with Raiderz Executive Producer, Mark Hill. iTZKooPA gets the scoop on  action-combat, monster hunting, the item shop and much more!
  • Mike fought his epic battle to download Guild Wars 2! He’ll have more news on that as well as TERA as he gets his gameface on.
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