Loremaster Revelations: A Change of Plans.

I was trucking away at my questing in Kalimdor and making great progress toward the Loremaster title. Moving from zone to zone, from dungeon to dungeon, The number of quests I had remaining for the continent slowly shrank from 300 to 200 to 100 to 50. I was getting SO close, and really, really hoping that I could finish up Kalimdor and get a shiny achievement for that continent as motivation to move on to the Eastern Kingdoms.

Then I hit the dreaded point that I knew was coming, but I still hoped against.

At 41 quests remaining for Kalimdor, I hit the wall. Everywhere I look, there are no quests to be found. The ones that remain in my EveryQuest log as incomplete have either been removed from the game, are impossible to complete without some help from dedicated guildies, or are part of a chain that starts in Eastern Kingdoms.

Well, no one said it would be easy.

So I took some time debating how to proceed, and came up with a couple of options.

I could:

  1. Continue with my original goal of completing Kalimdor first, before moving on to EK. I’d recruit a couple of buddies to assist with powering through Old World raid-related quests, or as an alternative attempt to form PUGs. The Scepter of the Shifting Sands line, with 20+ remaining quests, would be particularly fruitful, but the Brood of Nozdormu reputation requirements would force me to shift my focus from questing to grinding reputation, at least initially.
  2. Switch up my gameplan and head to Eastern Kingdoms. This would take me away mostly away from Kalimdor, however I would complete at least some Kalimdor quests in the process of running long EK chains that sometimes led to the other continent. However, probably not enough Kalimdor quests to complete the continent. I would likely eventually have to go back to option 1, albeit with perhaps fewer quests left overall to complete.

I took option 2, and have been greatly enjoying the switch from no quests in Kalimdor to heaps upon heaps left in EK. The chase has picked up again, and I’m well on my way to completing EK. But we’ll see if this actually ends up helping out in Kalimdor or not — so far I’ve only received one quest to head back to Kalimdor. I’m hoping this route works!

If not, at least I still have a game plan for when I go back. Which option would you run — or do you have an alternative method?


  1. I say you should’ve gone with option 1.5 just do the scepter chain, then move onto EK, and by do the scepter chain I mean, do the blue shard chain only (up till [The Only Prescription] and then only get the first chapter so that you can read Dr Weavil’s diary!) and then do the other two shards and the rest of this one later if you want to.
    Why? Well you know all those really amazing quests you remember doing in Wrath? The blue chain takes them, punches them in the face and says “Us vanilla quests can be just as awesome as you!” Admittedly, it’s not for lore reasons so much,
    (though if you want lore the green chain is absolutely amazing for it’s climax – you do something almost as -lore wise- world changing as, the wrath gate event.*)
    but for it’s amazingly witty dialogue, and completely silly characters! I urge you, I implore you, nay, I command you to do it! Someone who wants to really experience questing in the old world before some of it disappears, has to do this quest chain. I can understand you waiting until after you complete EK, but no matter what, do these quests!
    The red chain has the least going for it since it is basically just to do a run the BWL, but for completions sake you may as well still do it.
    I hope this has convinced you to have the goal of completing the Brood of Nozdormu rep grind so that you can start the chain – hey you may even get lucky with a red Qiraji resonating crystal whilst you’re at it.

    *It’s hard to come up with something to relate it too, and the wrath gate is a completely different lore event, as well as having many more bells and whistles, but I think it’s a fair lore wise comparison.

    P.S sorry for the block of text! =P

  2. Or you know, not be a negative..Reavijinoo, but why not wait until Cataclysm? The quests are then split into zones like Northrend or Outlands :s

    But it’s your choice really. :)

  3. @Phanttas fear not, my friend, i DO plan on doing the scepter of the shifting sands chain. it’s just a matter of WHEN :). I like to focus on one thing at a time, so if i had it my way I would be able to finish up loremaster, then shift to that chain. i may be forced to start it earlier than planned, though. we’ll see! :)

  4. One thing I found really helpfull finishing my last 10 quests for Loremaster (which were for Kalimdor) about a month ago was the Onyxia chain which starts after going through the chat with the Kargath commander guy who then gives you a letter to start the chain.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. If you think this is hard, try going for 3k quests completed, less than 100 to go for me though =)

  5. You should get The Seeker before Loremaster.. well, at least for Alliance anyway. 1,400 quests from Old World, around 400-700 from Outland and another 600-800 from Northrend. Not to mention all the quests for dungeons that don’t count towards them that you turn in while leveling / at 80, but DO count towards the Seeker.

    Anyway, it’s interesting to see who will win this Title Race.

  6. Ah, that’s what killed me from going after Loremaster on my old main. I was at around 500/700 for either Kalimdor or E.K. then faction transferred… that went down to around 115/whatever.

    Sad days.

  7. 7:41 EST Loremaster Tarrosh on the realm Tortheldrin, despite a faction change, has earned 3k quests complete! Yay!

  8. Pixie, if the hordeside is ANYTHING like Alliance side, I did a lot of time in LRBS, BRD chasing quests that led outside the instance that took me back over to Kalimdor. When I got stuck, and headed over to Marshall’s Refuge, and the gobling camp, that put it over for me. Good luck in chasing Loremaster!

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