SWTOR: Concern About Corellia.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new update about an important and significant planet: Corellia. The game continues it’s path to become complete, adding more and more content. Bioware’s hype machine keeps working and now confirms a new playable planet.

Corellia, one of the most important Republic planets, is home of many influential leaders. For a long time has been the center of  business, industry and all kind of personal economic activities. Corellia is well known among the fan hordes of Star Wars, but if the name doesn’t ring a bell to you, maybe you’ll remember some of it’s famous ships, like the Cougar, the Republic Cruiser,  the mythic Corellian Corvette and the famous Corellian Engineering, the one that Han Solo used to make his customized Millennium Falcon.

People from Corellia have been always loyal to the Republic, that’s why the Senate is so concerned about having lost contact with the planet. Images of destruction have been taken recently, making the Senate suspect of  Imperial influence over Corellian leaders. For more info visit Bioware’s official SWTOR website.

Check these images of Corellia, the new confirmed playable planet for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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