Loremaster Revelations: Back to Kalimdor, with a Fresh Set of Eyes

Sometimes, a little break is all you need to see things more clearly.

While questing toward the Loremaster title, you all may remember I had encountered some serious trouble with completing Kalimdor. I ran into quest lines that were no longer available, other quest lines that had many diverted paths into Eastern Kingdoms, and a bunch of seemingly unconnected prerequisites that for some reason were unavailable to me.

I decided that a change of plans was in order: I went ahead to the other continent and had a fun time finishing up Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms. Several hundred quests went by in a snap, (even a few that counted toward the other continent) and it was time to transition back to Kalimdor with only about 20 quests remaining to complete questing in the old world.

Refreshed and confident that I would find my missing quests, I started out by re-checking off zones for quests that I could have missed, especially ones that start from an item drop. Zone after zone, I scanned for anything that could up my quest count, and zone after zone I grew more and more worried by my lack of findings. I still needed about 12 quests when I finally looked at Azshara.

What’s that? An entire zone I had somehow skipped over in my initial attempt?! It seemed too good to be true.

But there it was: A list of a dozen quests in the zone that were still completely available. Eureka! And to think it turned out to be in such an iconic zone made it all the more fun. The final quests came from:

And, finally, a quest chain that took me back to EK a bit, which was fine by me for the final stretch. The You Are Rakh’likh, Demon quest line starts in the Blasted Lands and stretches into Stranglethorn Vale and, you guessed it, Azshara. The last couple of quests stretched into a kind of euphoria as I neared the finish line; and as the familiar, congratulatory flash of achievement points flared across the screen, I knew I had earned it.

It turned out all I needed were a fresh set of eyes to look over my progress. I’m not entirely sure how I skipped over Azshara the first time, but I assume that in my own certainty that I had checked everywhere for possible quests, I just overlooked what was right under my nose all along.

Now about half of Outland is all that remains between me and my title. Now that my Internet issues are (mostly) resolved, it’s time to start the final push.

You Are Rakh’likh, Demon


  1. are you still playing on your US realm, or have you switched to an EU one? if you haven’t switched, I hope the lag isn’t too much.

  2. I haven’t switched; but I also haven’t played on my regular desktop yet, only my crappy laptop with all the effects and everything turned way down. So it’s hard to tell if lag is very bad. Hopefully I’ll be able to discern that soon. Either way, I’m not planning to switch to EU unless I absolutely have to. I really love my guildies!

  3. You’ll have that loremaster achievement done in no time. Northrend and Outland are easy.

    I’m still about 20-ish quests short in Kalimdor, and am currently out of game time. /cry

    Hardest part is that I completed most of the quests that actually count towards the achievment, and what’s left is from Silithus/Tanaris and requires Brood of Nozdormu rep… worst rep grind EVER. :p

    WTB non-silithid quests for Brood of Nozdormu before neutral. :p

  4. Whoo!

    When I go back to WoW (possibly tonight) I will be leveling up my lock to 22-24 range and then last attempts for Kingslayer on Mordil :(

    If I find time between that / stuff for the site / school, I will be going after LM again. I have high doubts for me though =/

  5. Hi All good luck with your progress and it is enjoyable to relive all this old content but the Loremaster title will still be achieveable after Cataclysm so worry not if it looks like you are running out of time :)

  6. @AlickUK – Yes, it will still be available, but it will be reset for those who are only partway through when cata drops because a lot of old quests are being removed and new ones are being added.

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