Legend of Martial Arts Trailer

Perfect World Entertainment prepares itself for the next November 24 closed beta phase launch for its Legend of Martial Arts MMO. The game, former known as Kung Foo, has rebirth into a new one, with overhauled graphics and content. Now, PWE thinks it’s time to start the closed beta phase for LoMA, gifting us with this trailer for the upcoming eastern-like and slightly manga MMO.

In the trailer, you can see a quite classic presentation for the game, with all those “Heroes will rise” statements we’re all used to see, but you can as well see some of the features of the game, like the transformation system, the Berserker and Oracle class and some weapons.

Legend of Martial Arts starts its adventure soon, if you want to apply for the closed beta, go to the official site, where you can get more information about this upcoming MMO.

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