Medusa's Head to be Auctioned on Planet Calypso

Planet Calypso, the oldest planet in Entropia Universe, keeps leading the virtual economy activity in virtual worlds. We told you of the astounding virtual sales into this game and now they come with more business opportunities for the bold virtual goods investors.

Medusa’s Head is the fourth major property offered on Planet Calypso and will be available for virtual viewing from next December 7th, though the auction will begin on December 13th. With this move, Planet Calypso offers the opportunity of buying the largest virtual property ever sold and one of the most lucrative, potentially. For information about how to bid, visit the official website.

The area to be auctioned, holds eight different revenue generating areas, three on the main island and five on the surrounding smaller islands. Two unique creatures, which will be of interest to all hunters around, will come included with the property, as well of several species, mining, residential and retail assets and a teleportation system.

Some brave investors made the move in the past, earning a lot of money, but this is serious, we’re talking about real money and a very different way of how to enjoy a game: turning it into a way of earning money. Definitely,  not for every gamer.