1. Well, that was fun. Would be nice if more people turned up though. I’ll have a word around to a few friends and see if anyone wants to join in.

  2. dudes im pissed i missed it. i was stuck at work all day. you should try recording it, than reposting the highlights of these things for folks who miss it live!

  3. http://www.livestream.com/mordillorehound/video?clipId=pla_559e607c-8430-452d-b61d-d5367e2c8d86&utm_source=lslibrary&utm_medium=ui-thumb

    It automatically records while we stream and you can check all previous streams as well. Most of them are just me testing equipment and goofing off though.

    It was really fun, there were a few hiccups and issues, but they’ll be resolved by the next LiveCast episode.

    To be honest, there was more of a turnout (overall) than I had expected. It’s the first episode, so not many people know / care about it, plus it’s live and two hours so some might not want to spend so long for one thing. Not to mention the time differences of everything. BUT NONETHELESS, was fun and can’t wait for LiveCast Episode 2!

  4. It’s also on a Saturday. :P

    As much fun as these things (video/podcasts) are to produce, gaining a sizable viewer/listen base is a lot like climbing El Capitan. Sad, but true.

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