Major Cities Wiped Out in Weekend WoW Party

Wow, talk about FOMO. A group of exploiters ran wild on Azeroth over the weekend, murdering thousands of innocent characters, NPC and player-characters alike. The dastardly act left entire hubs devoid of life by taking advantage of an unspecified exploit. Blizzard takes any use of an exploit very seriously and launched an investigation as soon as it became aware of the issue. A hotfix was deployed shortly after news began to break.

News of mass death travels fast.

Exploiting at any level is never acceptable to me, but I would have loved to have witnessed the devastation with my own character. Like Baron’s bomb and the ZG plague bugs before it, it’s interesting to be a part of the “WTF” moments in a game’s history. The images and videos compiled from this latest shenanigan does remind me of the pre-Wrath of the Lich King plague event.

I’ll just have to live the event digitally thanks to WoWInsider.


  1. I don’t know how much investigating will be going on besides tracking them down in person. They’ve publicly announced that they did it, on various places, and how they did it. They also have claimed credit for the exploit a few weeks back used to crash the servers on command.
    They said that they did this because it was planned to be hotfixed anyway, they just did it ahead of schedule because of this.
    It was all over the forums after the servers went down for rolling restarts but it took longer than 2 hours for a 15 minute down-time.

  2. My experience with this is very limited, although I was online the moment this happened, I had a lot of luck and wasn’t in Orgrimmar at the time, but almost my entire guild went nuts and were wondering what was happening, I guess that now we have an answer.

    After it though I went towards Orgrimmar to look at the massacre, it wasn’t as bad as this screenshot but it definitely was pretty terrible.

  3. it was pretty damn hilarious if you ask me. granted it was a giant griefing campaign. and it did cause a crap ton of people to not be able to play for a while. in the end, it was plain ole hilarious!

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