MapleStory Gets Serious about Hackers

It seems that cheating and hacking in MapleStory is becoming more of a problem lately, so yesterday Nexon made an announcement to the community responding to the issue.

Despite many efforts to permanently eliminate hacks and exploits, we have not achieved a level of success we are happy with, or that you should be happy with.

They announce that new tools and updates to the game would be on the horizon in an attempt to stop players from using hacks or exploits within the game.

  • Developing more advanced hack prevention and detection tools
  • Updating the game to strengthen its defense against hacking

While all online games seem to have cheaters, it’s good to see that Nexon is acknowledging the issue and taking steps to stop it.  There’s nothing worse then your favorite MMO game or any game being destroyed by cheaters.  I can remember when Diablo 2 become flooded with cheaters back in the day and it was the reason I stopped playing it.