RIFT: Evil Has Been Set Free in Hammerknell

Hammerknell, the newest 20 player raid in RIFT, has been unleashed.  Hammerknell, once a glorious city, is now cursed by the actions of the Dwarves who once called it home. The gates to the city were sealed, turning it into a prison for a monstrosity beyond imagine, but now the ramparts of Hammeknell have been breached and the Ascended are in a race against the forces of Water and Death to expose the secrets deep within the Delve and save Telara.

The Hammerknell raid is being released with RIFT patch 1.3 which is live on NA servers and soon on EU servers.  Full details for patch 1.3 can be found on the RIFT forums.  Below we have some screenshots of what players can expect in Hammerknell.

[imagebrowser id=752]