Marvel Heroes Listens To Community, Changes Laborious Hero Farming Process

We tweeted the breaking news to you last night. Sadly, we were too darn sleepy to do a full post. Not anymore! With hours of Zzzs behind us, we’re happy to reveal the major upcoming change to Marvel Heroes and its…uhh…heroes.

The long and short of it is that the expensive method of gaining heroes, either through purchasing pricey packs or laborious farming, is to be eradicated. In its place is a new system, Eternity Splinters. Previously, heroes came from random drops. President of Gazillion Entertainment David Brevik likened the design choice to receiving epic or legendary items. However, it’s easy to see why the community didn’t like such randomness.

In lieu of ultra rare hero tokens, which may not even be the hero you care about, Eternity Splinters will have a chance to drop from every enemy. In addition, the chance is much higher than a hero token. The new ES will be used as currency to purchase the hero of your choosing.

That’s it. Pretty simple, right? Brevik goes into additional detail thought. The new system will also enable players to respec, or level their Ultimate Powers. There’s plenty of other opportunities, but those are the three ambitious applications Brevik foresees in the immediate future.

Until testing and community feedback is gathered, you’ll have to rely on the old system. Need more info? Check out the official Eternity Splinters FAQ.


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