MechWarrior Online Celebrating ‘Mechsgiving’ (Seasonal Event)

Joining the RaiderZ Thanksgiving festivities, MechWarrior Online will be hosting its own tasty event. Dubbed Mechsgiving, the event is driven by the latest update which includes a developer event, a new environment, a pair of new modules and a piece of new equipment.

Naturally, the most interesting bit of the patch is the introduction of the Catapracht mech. The new mech is designed to stand against Assault mechs and is culled from the local collection of parts giving it the colloquial name of ‘Frankenmech.’ Coming in four varieties complete with a formidable amount of armor and jump jets, this ain’t no easy target.

Back to that developer event. It’s going to be a feast of bullets, shrapnel and overheating, as players will be able to take center stage against the developers on TwitchTV. The battling begins today, November 21 at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST).

After the cut are details on the rest of the new content, and the latest screenshots. The imagery should help with the tough decision of which Catapracht variety to begin with.

New Environment setting

  • Frozen City at Night – Tangle with your opponents as you dodge through the huge shadows, with very large shooting lanes as the fog has disappeared entirely.

New Modules

  • The 360 degree Target module, which will keep your current target on your radar, even if they move behind you – 15,000 GXP/6,000,000 C-Bills
  • Sensor Range module, which will add 15% to your sensors range. – 5,000 GXP/2,000,000 C-Bills

New Equipment

  • Beagle Active Probe – Increases sensor range, speeds of acquisition of targeting data, and can detect shut down Mechs at close range – 400,000 C-Bills.