MechWarrior Online Charity Mech Gathers $100,000, 12v12 PvP & 3rd-person View Incoming

Not Sarah's Jenner, but the new Golden Boy

Infinite Games Publishing certainly knows how to make a marketing statement. The charity auction of Sarah’s Jenner garnered enough headlines and positive sentiment for the MechWarrior Online community to gather an impressive $100,000 during its continued by limited drive. The funds will promote research by way of the Canadian Cancer Society. Breaking the six figure mark is only the beginning. The charity drive continues until August 20. Don’t forget, the mech includes a 10% experience bonus.

In gameplay related news, it was recently announced that despite the President of Piranha Games has recanted on his distaste for a third-person view in the FPS mech shooter. After much research, it was determined that the complexity of a vertical tank, that is movement of the machine’s walk and the capability to rotate completely around its hips, caused a high learning curve. Russ Bollock stated that new player performance increased dramatically when they were able to internalize how a mech moved.

Last but not least from Piranha Games, the company has unveiled plans to unleash a dozen on a dozen mech bonanza. New Hero Mech ‘Golden Boy’ and a new map Terra Therma are included in the update. We’ll allow the below trailer to explain all that excitement.