MechWarrior Online Gains New Mode in Latest Content Patch

Piranha Games pushed out the latest content patch for its mech-based MMOG MechWarrior Online earlier today. Not just the latest, but also the largest content patch to date. After pulling the new data from the tubes, players can experience the all-new Conquest Mode, three new mechs, items to celebrate the holiday season and new year, a new map, paints, patterns and a new economy system.

That’s a content patch if I’ve ever seen one.

Conquest Mode was designed based upon gameplay from another favorite mech franchise, BattleTech. In it Pirahna introduces capturable points, awarding players points the longer they’re held. The king of the hill style mode will be sure to breed new strategies for flanking and poking. The other big addition is the addition of twin Dragon mechs, Fang and Flame.

You can learn more about the tandem mechs, including their unique bonus, and images of the new mode after the cut.