MechWarrior Online Launch Day Roundup!

Launch days are always exciting! Today heralds the first day of the live version of MechWarrior Online! It seems like this one has been around for quite a while, so I did a quick search and found our first mention of it – November 1, 2011 we announced the announcement of this glorious giant robot beauty of a game. I’ve never actually been a fan of giant robots, but MechWarrior launches all sorts of nostalgic pangs as I remember the original BattleTech and BattleDroids from my youth. Now we get the MMO! There is something far more appealing to the idea of driving a giant robot when you can actually see it blow stuff up.

And to top off the excitement, Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing are hosting a competition next week in San Francisco where MechWarrior fans will be competing for prizes, glory and the thrill of the kill! I hope there will be lots of explosions. Giant robots and explosions just go so nicely together.

Sign up for the game, and download here! While you’re downloading or ppatching the live client, here’s a trip through memory Giant Robot lane.


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