Mega Man Online Officially Announced

Not too long ago, Capcom revealed its plans for the upcoming fiscal year, and to our surprise a Mega Man MMO was in the works. Today, Capcom and Neowiz have officially announced Rockman Online, an online Mega Man game for the PC. Currently, not too much information is known about this mysterious title, but we do know that both X and Zero will be featured.

Some official artwork:

Capcom recently trademarked ‘Mega Man Universe’ in North America and Europe. Could that be the international title for Rockman Online?

Keep on checking MMOCrunch as more information is revealed.


  1. I hope they don’t cancel out …. there’s been a bunch of online petitions for this to happen ….

  2. bor geil wie geil das ist endlich ma ein megaman mmo wird zur planung gesetzt ich grieg mich kaum noch ein das beste was ein megaman fan passieren kann hoffe wird bald raus kommen meine finger zucken jetzt schon

  3. this news is a little wrong.. its relly called Rockman Onlin and megaman universe is a diferent game, and it hasnt yet been announced so far if the game will make it international

  4. What they don’t tell you is that both Megaman and Megaman X, AS WELL as Zero AND Proto man… are in this game, as well as robot masters from both series… i’m pretty sure that Dr Light and Dr Willy and Sigma and all the other characters associated with both series will show up.

    It’s gonna some how be some sort of mishmash of the 2 series.

  5. @bleh what exactly are you basing your comment on please link something of importance other than another fan made anime mesh of crap, once i see a official Capcom trailer then i would place names on products untill then leave it to the people in charge. Alas, the amount of lore that they have amassed from megaman to the X series is MORE than enough to make quite a massive mmo. I just hope it dosnt end up being a Maplestory rehash with megaman skins.. As a hardcore lifelong Megaman fan, i beg of you capcom, Make us a solid 3d mmo, similar to “Dragon Nest” the FPS aspects used into an action mmorpg are amazing. The nexon game is quite small and ill inspired but could be a good base to look at. Fast paced gameplay has been the megaman theme from day one. Twitch reactions, pattern memory..all make for good raid boss’ just look at the super power WoW. Id give my left nut to see sigma a 10 min raid boss with precise movement memory needed to dodge his attacks and down him for epic looots!

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