Mega-Sized Homage to Video Gaming’s Leading “Man”

I just had to share this, Lore Hounds! You can file Chris Bringhurst’s epic tribute to Mega Man under damn awesome. What originally started out as a project featuring 100 characters from the video gaming panoply has — due to popular demand — now doubled in size. From the Blue Bomber’s 8-bit brethren to the latest current-gen classics, gamers from all walks of life will find something familiar in the picture below, but keep an eye out for a handful of Lore Hound favorites that make an appearance, as well!

Most characters adapt to Mega Man’s style surprisingly well, though a few come off as just a little disturbing in the process (Pac-Man, /shudder). Either way, the selection is ripe for desktop material or cutting up into unique forum avatars. Credit goes to PikiGeek, where you can also find an interview with the image’s creator. For the full, original file (too large to post on the main page), click here.


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