Royal Quest Debut Trailer

Central European publisher 1C, has just released a debut trailer for its first MMORPG Royal Quest. This game, set to launch on Spring 2012, appears to be a Diablo-like one, with drawn textured graphics like Torchlight. The trailer shows some very good graphics for what appears to be an interesting world design.

The world of Aura is where all the action is going to take place. Aura is in danger, due to some evil alchemists willing to kill for a highly rare and precious mineral, the Elenium. Like in almost every fantasy game in history, you’ll be a hero fighting on behalf of the King, to stop those who bring suffering to Aura, with the promise of being rewarded with titles, castles and riches.

Aura will feature more than 100 locations, allowing you to play forever, while you prove yourself on deadly challenges on your quest for glory. In addition to the normal PvE mode, you’ll have the chance of  throwing yourself into the carnage of PvP combat, fighting mobs and other players, conquering castles and its surroundings.

Royal Quest features:

  • A huge fantasy game world to explore.
  • Exceptionally high level of development.
  • Unique game universe based on magic, technologies and alchemy.
  • Plenty of extraordinary monsters, each with its own card providing game items with special features.
  • Balanced confrontation element system allows players to win the battle using the properly chosen weapon and greatly increase their power.
  • Pets which require care, follow their master everywhere, collect loot, increase their master’s combat skills and weaken enemies.
  • Achievements influencing the gameplay.
  • Unique system when battling for castles (PvP).
  • Special PvPvE mode when players battle against each other and monsters.
  • Controlling of castles and surrounding areas.
  • Spectacular and dynamic combat using various battle skills.
  • Easy to learn for beginners including an automatic character upgrade system with many new options for experienced players.
  • Enthralling gameplay both for single or group players.

The trailer looks good. Nowadays almost every media about a new game looks great. We’ll have to wait a bit more, though, to talk about Royal Quest in deep, when more information comes out. Until then, enjoy this debut trailer and visit the game’s web, for more information.

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