Microvolts Second CBT Keys Giveaway


MMOCrunch has come, luckily, into possession of a bunch of keys for the second closed-beta test of Microvolts.  Produced by RockHippo, this action-packed game is nearing the general end its closed-beta phase, and is assumed to be entering its open beta by the end of the year.

With a peculiar mix of action and third-person view shooters, Microvolts has created its own niche in the surging MMO market and surprisingly, does it well.  With funny and cartoon-like combat that ranges in locations from a kitchen to what seems to be an abandoned toy town, Microvolts comes off as a Toy Story movie gone horribly wrong.

Sniping, rocket launchers and machine gun battles from behind cover are the name of the game here as the toy characters throw down for their own reasons, or maybe just sheer boredom.   Microvolts seems to be the physical embodiment of the imagination of an over-active six year old and appeals to the inner child as such.  Didn’t you always tell yourself that being an adult would be awesome? Well, now aside from work, rent and bills, it can be.

Microvolts is primed to become very popular, very quickly so make sure you get your Microvolts beta key while we still have them.