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Sorry to those looking for some, better luck next time!

MMOCrunch is announcing today that we are giving away beta keys for the new Action-MMO, Vindictus.

This game has been hailed by many as a up-and-coming top-tier MMO in which you can hack and slash your way through ranks of enemies, while at the same time enjoying the near-seamless looking dungeons and combat that Vindictus has to offer.

Using a modified version of Valve’s hailed Source Engine, enemies react to your sword swings by being staggered and tossed back; your character can even pick up monsters and toss them into each other.  Everything collides with everything else and the model detection of Vindictus is phenomenal for a game only in its second phase of beta.  The physics engine, as can be expected, is superb and would be a gateway into the MMO universe for those whom exist solely to play console action games like God of War and Devil May Cry.

For now, be warned that only two character types can be created, and while you only have access to the tank and melee damage classes, these characters can be altered to make them stand out from everyone else, to a limited degree.

Also, for the first chapter or so of the game, the only enemies to face are Gnolls: a race of Dog-men that look quite a bit like werewolves and giant spiders that look like, well, spiders.  While the never-changing enemy models get slightly repetitive after the first six missions or so,  they do go squish in a spectacular fashion.  It never seems to get old when you shield bash an enemy down a hallway or toss one into a pillar which then collapses onto said monster.  Now that’s funny.

Be sure to get your Vindictus beta key as soon as you can, they are disappearing left and right on every other MMO site and it would be a shame to miss out on all the violence.  We have a small number, but once you receive a key, you can then give 2 of your buddies a key as well, so keep that in mind for those folks who miss out on our site!


  1. lol ok IF ANYONE COULD SPARE A closed beta key i would really appreciate it ive been looking for one for days and stayed up all night looking for a key if anyone could spare one i would really reall really appreciate ty :)

  2. Can someone Share a Key with me plz:) I will be very happy, I share my 2 Key with others then. Plz give me a Chance to play this game

  3. Finally a chance to getaway from studying! That is…if I receive a key…lol I’d like a beta key, please! I’ll give the second beta key back to the sender for sure. Thanks in advance!

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