Minecraft Adventures 2.1 – Qairon City’s Duke Castle

This post is guest written by Sephalon herself.

I make my video editing debut for LoreHound on today’s episode of Minecraft Adventures. Today I will show the castle in my city, Qairon, which houses each of the Dukes of Qairon.

Qairon is a city built on the official LoreHound Minecraft server, Amalos, hosted by Spellbook Entertainment.

If you would like to download the texture pack, you can do so with instructions here.


  1. Cool vid, looks like youve put some effort into building all that.

    But I still don’t get Minecraft ….. you’ve gone to all the effort of building the place but what can u do with it after you have built it?

    People will come and see … .and do what? just walk around and site see?

    I get the appeal of lego & creating stuff, but with lego you could play with whatever you have made after …. Here once its built is there a reason to go back?

    Why don’t I get it and averyone else seems to?

  2. It tends to be a niche game. As of right now, there is none. Throughout the entire game. It’s mostly just imagination coming to life and showing it off. This is largely due to the fact that Mojang does not want to work on multiplayer content. In the next update (3rd one after official release, and almost 9 months after the official release) they’re going to finally have heavily limited interaction with NPCs that have been implemented since 0.9 or 0.8 (I can’t remember). They are doing too little too late because there’s already mods out there for making a use for NPCs

    We have plans to implement a mod for questing (which will be better and done faster than Mojang implementing their own because they don’t care for multiplayer) and there will be reasons to visit these places because of the quests / NPCs you’ll encounter. Plus, we have pre-made houses and supplies around the cities that player can either use as public property, or purchase private things using the in-game money system.

    We also have secrets hidden around all of the server content that gives you bonuses such as hard to get items / in-game money / food.

    We’re turning Minecraft into a true MMO (some people have called it that, it’s as much of an MMO as an FPS is) with this server. We’re writing lore, we’re producing protected content, and we’ll be having a mod written to implement our own quests and NPCs.

    You can follow the development overall at http://www.spellbook.enjin.com or just keep watching here. We’ll have more information and videos showing and explaining everything in the days and weeks to come.

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