MMOCrunch Wins Best New MMO Blog Award!

They like us! They really really like us! In the year twenty ought’ seven, the year of her lord (all hail the nerfbat) may we gladly accept the award for Best New MMO Blog of 2007. It seems like just yesterday that Mike was looking for an extra writer for this blog when I decided to hop on board. It was a pretty smooth ride, ever since the begining, as Mike seems to have a knack for running these kinds of online ventures.

Each month we have slowly grown our userbase and each month we keep trying to bring you guys new and exciting content to read and enjoy. So it is with much happiness that gladly accept Ryan Shwayder’s Nerfbat award (awesomest name evar!).

Congratulations also to the winners of all the covenant awards that the Nerfbat gave out this year, including Massively which could very well have placed first in our segment as well had they not won Best MMO News Source. (They also launched in 2007)

Head on over HERE to check out the awards page.

P.S. We look forward to winning another Gnomey next year in a different catagory! Watch out Ryan!


  1. I have been following this Blog since the first article. Pretty much stumbled upon it by accident, but it is now one of my favorite MMO reads. I enjoy the views from real gamers. Keep up the good work!

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