MMOCrunch's 2012 Predictions

It’s always fun to try to predict what’s going to happen over the next year so here is our list of 2012 predictions for MMO gaming.

Guild Wars 2 will gain more players than Star Wars: The Old Republic – I’m having a great time playing SWTOR, but it’s just not different enough to hold my attention in the long run. I predict players will flock to GW2 and before 2012 ends, Guild Wars 2 will have a larger active player base than SWTOR.

Diablo 3 will be delayed until early July – Blizzard has never released a game or expansion in the first or second quarter past Jan 16th and since no release date has yet been announced, I’m going with an late second or very early third quarter release.

Warhammer Online will go Free-to-play –  I still can’t believe they haven’t so I’m guessing 2012 will be the year.

Blizzard will reveal their Titan MMO project – We all know it’s going to be a new IP, but that’s basically all we know right now. I predict that this years Blizzcon, they’ll spill the beans.

Black Prophecy will be shut down or sold – The game is seriously lacking players and while it still has promise, it has no change to turn things around in its current form. I predict Gamigo either shuts it down or sells it off.

End of Nations will be a flop – I love the concept that Trion is doing with End of Nations, but I just don’t see it being a hit and predict it will be a failure in 2012.

Eve Online will rebound from 2011 and continue to grow – I’ve never played the game, but it’s my favorite MMO I to hear about. I predict CCP will get back to basics and subscription numbers will continue to rise in 2012.

Mythos Global will shut down…again – The third attempt to run a successful version of Mythos will fail and the game will close down yet again.

The Secret World will go free-to-play by the end of 2012 – Not that I don’t think it won’t be a good game, but it doesn’t have the pull other titles like D3, SWTOR and GW2 have. I predict it will have a great launch, then peter out like so many other MMO games, changing to free-to-play only months after launch. That or it will launch as a free-to-play title.

There you have it, my nine predictions for 2012 and I’m going to say I’ll get more than half right.


  1. My predictions:

    GW2 Is going to be as awesomely great as I have been hoping its going to be.

    Eve will introduce twitch based real time flight control to their fighters and make their game a mix of real flight fighters and their current tactical menu system for larger ships.

    All the poker sites I play on will fix their programming so that I stop geting outdrawn on the river card whenever I am all in.

    Fallout Online will be released in March after announcements in February that all the problems and in fighting that has been happening and putting it on hold was sorted in secret long ago and they have all been working non-stop on the sly to finish it and surprise us all.

  2. As someone that is in a undisclosed beta for a well anticipated game, It will be interesting to see how many people are going to be upset at said games release. Mark my words, these predictions are going to fail and fail hard.

  3. The only game that you could possibly be refering to there is GW2.

    Dont leave it at that …. if you have info to divulge spill!!

  4. Well I played the GW2 demo at gamescon. That was pretty cool. Awesome graphics and what seemed like pretty cool gameplay. The group-less system is good, and it already seemed very polished at that time.
    Gameplay wise, its definately a step up from wow or swtor. More active combat, instead of just standing there – executing your stupid skill-rotation… Never that shit again.

    Didn’t try PvP.

  5. Dont think The Secret World will go f2p by the end of 2012. I think it will shut down in Q1-Q2 in 2013. Everyone knows GW2 will have higher playerbase then SWTOR. Warhammer Online has already announced they went F2P in August, 6 months ago.

  6. Where’s the downvote button on this post?

    You haven’t played the game for more than 2 weeks, and they are hurriedly patching a lot of the glitches, so just have some faith!


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