MMORPG Predictions for 2008!

You know what’s fun? Making predictions about some of your favorite pass-times and seeing if they come true. People do it with sports, television shows, movies, music, gambling, the lottery, and, now, MMORPGs! Over on The Ancient Gaming Noob blog that’s exactly what they did, often with hilarious results. Most of the news is, well, negative, but take it for what they are: prediction. Some of the highlights include:

  • Gods and Heroes will be bought by EA and pushed back into development.
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea will have huge success in Spain, France, and Britain.
  • The Agency is actually a clever movie game that is coupled with Sony’s newest spy film Get Smart. It will suck. . .

There are oh so many more predictions too. I left out highlights from the juiciest games such as WoW, WAR, Age of Conan, and Star Trek Online. If you want to see what 2008 possibly, maybe has in store for these games you’ll have to head on over! Enjoy!