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The Questlist Manifesto

March 19, 2012 iTZKooPA 0

Gamers, I have a serious confession to make. I, iTZKooPA, am an absolute sucker for lists. Since my youngest days, those lacking hair follicles on certain parts of my anatomy, […]

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The Novel Post: Dragon Mound

October 24, 2011 Beararms 0

This review of Dragon Mound, by Richard A Knaak, contains zero calories, zero trans fats, and is completely spoiler free. Dragon Mound begins with one of the lead characters, Evan Wytherling, […]

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Questing: The Horrors of War

March 22, 2011 iTZKooPA 4

There Solidkieron was. Just minding her own business. Flogging some random mob for a “kill 10 rats” quest while scanning the horizon for sparklies in the same area. The staff-wielding […]