More Blizzard Shenanigans: Crabby the Dungeon Helper, Horadric Cube App, and the Future of StarCraft

Blizzard sure is busy this morning, and has unveiled a heap of new game features for all of its major titles that are sure to excite us all!

In addition to the blindly awesome Tomb of Immortal Darkness, we’ll also be seeing a trio of other new and exciting ideas:

  • The Introduction of Crabby the Dungeon Helper in WoW: First we had the dungeon finder, and now we have Crabby at your side, ready to provide tips and hints to help you when you’re stuck. He provides encouragement, even after the umpteenth wipe of the night. Just remember — nothing escapes Crabby’s unwavering gaze. And for now, he cannot be disabled. He’s your friend, whether you want him to be or not.
  • A Horadric Cube transmutation app that allows smartphone users to combine any apps on their devices to create new versions with smart features. Just imagine – you could combine your WoW armory app with Facebook and call it Real ID. An old controversy reborn anew! Blizzard also promises that a translocation feature is on the horizon.
  • The Future of StarCraft looks bright indeed with its inevitable return to consoles. A breakthrough Motion Overdrive technology will allow players to control the game with their own movements. Check out a spectacular demonstration of the technology in the video below

We can’t wait to see what else Blizzard — and other game developers — have in store for us today. April 1 is a great day to be a gamer!


  1. Crabby also provides helpful hints on the forums. Informing you about posting regulations, interesting facts, oh, and reminds you, It’s FRIDAY!! :P

  2. Less than 5 minutes with his little pop-ups on the forums, and I fled the WoW forums before I attempted to leap through the computer screen at him.

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