More FFXIV Videos: From Alpha to Beta

Square Enix has updated the official Final Fantasy XIV YoutTube channel with a couple more videos.

First off, there is a video detailing the graphical changes that have occurred between the alpha and beta versions of the game, as well as combat changes:

The alpha version looks a lot like FFXI. By playing with the gamma and some colors, they’ve changed the feel of the world. There are also lots of new textures and the world looks a lot better overall.

The combat changes are intriguing as well. This looks similar to Aion’s combat system in some ways. It looks a lot more engaging and fast paced than the alpha version. We’ll have to wait until we can get a hands-on for a full report.

Additionally, here is a third video from E3 where they talk about some of these changes and some gamers gawk at the 3D displays.

Click through to see.

They definitely could do a better job with these videos to get people excited. They’re great updates for fans, but don’t do much for getting non-FF fans excited.

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