Multiple Paths for Endgame Gear

lh_rift_nightmare_tide_itemization_gearI haven’t been paying much attention to RIFT lately. To be honest, the title, despite numerous large content patches, kind of fell off my radar. It happened rather quickly to be honest, only a few months after its launch had I let Solidkieron fall by the wayside. The poor healer didn’t even approach level cap. Granted, the swath of distractions that Trion Worlds built into RIFT – from the dynamic events to fishing and cooking – gave me plenty to do outside of level grinding.

Subscription long lapsed with another MMOG character of mine in the mothball stage, RIFT is back on my radar thanks to a new itemization mechanic. The dev/pub has announced that Nightmare Tide, the upcoming v3.0 of RIFT, will introduce a single currency for players to acquire high end gear with.

I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

The itemization change, while benefitting casuals more than anyone, will save everyone time. More importantly, it enables players to participate in the features of RIFT they find most enjoyable while still progressing to sought after gear. Instead of forcing the community into certain niches, a decision that could very likely cause people to quit, Trion now focuses on the economics of the system to balance out gear acquisition. Great gear will soon be available to all that put in the time whether you’re a PvPer, PvEer, dungeoner or quester. That’s a good thing. Trion has now addressed two key aspects of my MMOG holy trinity. Might be time to give it its second go.

I can’t wait to hear the arguments opposing this change. I believe you’d be hard pressed to make a justifiable case that doesn’t reek of elitism.

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