Mythopolis: Giftpack Key Giveaway!


MMOCrunch is glad to announce we are giving away¬†giftpack keys for Mythopolis, Koramgame’s upcoming browser-based MMORPG. Be the first to enter a Greek mythological world at war!

When the all-seeing all-knowing oracles, known as The Fates, vanished all chaos broke loose upon Mythopolis, leaving three great nations of Troy, Athens and Sparta in ruins. Survivors of the wars are scattered across the lands searching for the next great nation to rise. In this browser MMORPG you are taken into a world where gods and mythical heroes can be hired and placed under a players command as players try to become that next super power. As the players fame and city grow prosperous they can earn the favor of the gods and be granted control over legendary heroes summoned back from the Elysian Fields in the Underworld. That’s right, a player can earn the right to fight along side Athena, Ulysses or even Hercules!

Unique traits and cultures of survivors original nations still live on, in Mythopolis you can be from:

  • Athens – The civilized “Birthplace of Democracy,” Diplomacy upon enemy cities is much more effective and their tech savvy traits allow shorter build times.
  • Troy – Anti-siege and wise veterans of defense. Trojans can store double the resources and their caravans are more effective than any other nation.
  • Sparta – The “barbaric” and clever military minds of the Spartans make excellent warriors, great scouts and sure can plunder a city better than any other nation.

Be the first to make your mark on Mythopolis! To receive a giftpack key, visit our beta giveaway page.

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