Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Coming Soon

We got a good look at Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures at E3 2010.  The mini games were polished and diverse, character creation and customization had been implemented and social aspects were on going.  Executive Producer Todd Carson promised that the game was just about complete.  All that remained was tidying up, completing the last few mini games and stocking the store.  It appears that most of those tasks have been complete because Sony Online Entertainment is flipping the switch and turning the servers live for Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures on September 15.

The kid friendly MMOG remains free-to-play, but SOE announced an alternative method to downloading.  Interested parties will be able to purchase a special retail box planned for an October release.  The Galactic Passport will contain the game, a 90-day membership, 500 Station Cash, a Togruta playable character, a Yoda monitor trinket, and more.  The perfect item for your child – or grown up – to stumble upon while you drag them through Target.

Convenient that Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is being released the same day as the debut of the third season of The Clone Wars animated series. It’s like it was planned or something.

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