Nadirim Closed Beta Date Announced

Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe, have announced Nadirim closed beta for next October 12 2010. This beta phase is to last up to three months and during it, the devs are planning to test the game features, including the ranking system, the achievements and the minion system. The top goal, otherwise, will be gameplay balancing, focusing particularly in combat and PVP systems.

“Our goal is to ensure that Nadirim provides a rich and rewarding game experience to our fans, and lives up to the high expectations of our game design team”

You can expect to see several in-game events during the beta, as stated on the press release, so prepare yourself if you’re one of the lucky players getting into it. This game looks great and it could be a future hit. Here at MMOCrunch, we’ll follow Nadirim closely to give you all the news.

If you want to know more about Nadirim, visit the official website.