Nadirim Closed Beta Postponed until October 19

Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe have decided to postpone the closed beta phase for Nadirim one more week. This way, the devs will have an extra week before the closed beta  launches. Looks like they need more time to polish some details and don’t want to launch Nadirim’s first beta phase before is truly ready.

“A note dropped in the GDN Newsroom today from Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe. It seems that instead of rushing an almost-finished product to market they have decided to postpone the launch of the Nadirim closed beta for one week, until October 19, 2010.”

“It’s always good to see a game get delayed when it’s for quality reasons. After all, we all want the best games possible, right?”

As a player, I think it’s better to wait than having an unfinished product in your hands. This time we’re only talking of a beta phase so, seeing the devs delaying it is surprising. Though Nadirim fans will have to wait a bit more, this could be for good.