NCSoft to Announce New Game at Gamescom

NCSoft, the guys behind some of today’s biggest MMORPGs, just announced that they will be announcing a new game at this years Gamescom in August. To put it in there words “the Next Big MMO“.

Carbine Studios has been quietly, yet feverishly working away for over four years on a brand new MMO! We’ve been working on our game in stealth mode for a long while – waiting for the day when we could finally start showing our friends, fans and competitors what all the secrecy was about.

Four years, hmm, so what could it be?  Lineage III, Aion 2, City of Heroes 2?  I doubt it, none of those seem like good candidates at this time, so my money is on a new IP. What do you think?

Update: I decided to do a little trademark research on NCSoft and see what they’ve registered over the last few years.  Three trademarks stuck out at me and when I tried finding anything about them online, my searches came up empty. All three are registered as computer games.

  1. Influx (July,2009)
  2. Blighted Empire (April, 2007) – I saw a few rumors about this having something to do with Guild Wars, but no one really knew.
  3. Wildstar  (Feb, 2011) – Western or maybe space MMO ?