NCSoft's Exteel goes Open Beta

A new free to play MMO by NCSoft, Exteel, went into open beta today. Not the biggest news out there, so why am I blogging about it? Two reasons, I love mechs and MMOs, so put those together and I’m going to write about it. As I’m typing this I am simultaneously registering for open beta and will soon be downloading the game. I haven’t heard much about this game, other than what I just found on the website, so I’m not sure what to really expect, but considering NCSoft is behind it, I’m pretty hopefully. They have a pretty good lineup of MMORPGs, so hopefully this one will be worth playing, if its not, well hell its free anyway.

The only question I have now is why did it take so long for a mech mmo game to come out? I think Planet Side has mechs now, but its not a Mech MMO, big difference. I mean, who doesn’t like mechs? There huge robots, enough said. Anyway, I’m off to try this out. I’ll let you know if its worth downloading, even though it is still in beta.