Tabula Rasa – 2 Week Review

I’ve been playing Tabula Rasa since it came out about two weeks ago and now have 14 hrs and 45 mins logged into it. Not much I know, but I’ve been busy and with my computer meltdown on the weekend I got the game, I really haven’t had a full weekend to devout to TR. So far my character is a lev 11 Specialist with some decent gear. I don’t have any good skills yet cause I’m still a low level, but I’m getting there.

At this point of the game, I’ve basically been quest grinding the whole time and not fun quests. Stuff like delivering supplies, messages, retrieving Logos (which basically means, go to this area on the map and click on the Logo) as well as the ever popular rescue quests. The only fun part of the game is the fighting. When your at a base and 20-30 baddies get dropped in by ships to attack your position, defending is fun as hell. You can even setup squads and go attack their position if your that bold.

What is it with MMORPG and quest grinding? Serious, who thought that was a good idea? If I didn’t think the game would be any better I would quit playing today, however there are some elements in the game that I really like such as fighting and PvP. Along side duals and group battles, clans can declare war on each other where all members will be PvP for 7 days which is a cool idea.

Omicronn Ligthstalker (yes I spelled light wrong) is my characters name if anyone wants to hit me up.

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  1. Yeah accurate description of the game. I am level 7 atm. What server are you on? I play on Orion as a Soldier. Might try to play tonight if I dont get my copy of Mass Effect

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