Neverwinter First Look: Fury of the Feywild (Video)

Upcoming action figure?!

The first module to Neverwinter is only a scant few weeks away. Fury of the Feywild will be live around the start of the horrible school year launching August 22. Cryptic Studios hasn’t been shy in sharing details on the upcoming expansion but we haven’t seen too much actual gameplay. Today, the developer changed that with an all-new teaser trailer.

The less-than-a-minute burst of visual pleasure treats its viewers to the some of the upcoming content. Tt is too short to express everything interesting in the new Sharandar zone, additional professions, dungeons and the campaign system, but it can whet the appetite. A little odd considering how close we are to release…

Oh, and don’t forget that you won’t need to wait to see this module, aka content update, on Instance Gratification for a taste. It is completely free so grab it and join in upon release. You might as well join the other two million people that will do so. Hit the jump for the trailer and a taste of static delights.